Neck Pain

Neck pain is an increasingly common complaint. It can be caused by several factors including, but not limited to, muscle strains, worn joints, nerve compression, injuries, or disease. Neck pain can often be associated with poor posture combined with wear and tear of our cervical spine. With chronic neck pain, you may feel dull and aching pain, general soreness and may experience restricted movement. Sometimes the pain can radiate into your shoulders, arms or hands and even cause tension headaches.

Why Central Minds

Our therapists are seeing more and more individuals suffering from neck and shoulder pain. Many of their problems are persistent and respond poorly or only temporarily to conventional approaches. At Central Minds, our therapists will work with you together to develop individualised treatment programs based on your needs. Through a combination of manual and physiotherapy techniques, spinal manipulation and therapeutic exercises they work to:

  • Improve the movement of the neck and shoulders
  • Unlock the stiff joints in the neck and upper back
  • Realign the spine
  • Release the tight knots and tension in the soft tissues and structures such as muscle, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and circulatory vessels
  • Improve the flexibility and strength of the neck and shoulder
  • Promote correct posture

Our therapist’s goal is to treat the root cause of each problem and not just focus on the symptoms in order to create long lasting results.

About Wendy Lam

Wendy is a Holistic Physiotherapist with extensive training in both Hong Kong and the United States. She integrates Physiotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Integrative Manual Therapy, Acupuncture and other gentle and effective healing modalities to facilitate optimum recovery and healing in children and adult patients.

With her years of practice, Wendy finds that every individual needs a different “formula” or treatment protocol to help with their specific problem. Whether the pain is acute or chronic, sports, injury or posture-related, with or without numbness or referred pain, she believes that understanding the uniqueness of the individual and the interconnection of different parts of the body helps yield more desirable outcomes.

Photo of Physiotherapist Wendy Lam.

Case Example of a Holistic Treatment

Ms A is a working mother who suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as severe headaches. She had 2 incidents of whiplash in the past. She had seen numerous practitioners who were unable to help her find any consistent pain relief. In fact, her symptoms worsened with direct techniques, strong pressure at trigger points or suggested exercises. Her doctors had suggested surgery as the only way to alleviate her pain.

Ms A came to see me as a last resort and together we created a treatment program focused on improving blood circulation to and drainage from the head, releasing the tensions in the layers of meninges that envelop the central nervous system, and finally working on spinal alignment. After 20 sessions, her headaches were almost gone, her neck and shoulder pain had decreased significantly, and her sleep quality had improved drastically. When she returned to see her doctor after our sessions were complete, he said that she no longer needed the surgery.

Hear What They Say

“Wendy is an amazing physiotherapist! She is very thorough and takes her time while working on the body to release tension or work on realignment. I love her sessions because she is really there to treat you and not like other therapists who leave you hooked up on a machine. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to work on shoulder tension, migraines and lower back pain. She is wonderful!”

“Wendy was considerate and professional; she really listened to my issue and the history of it to ensure she could tailor her treatment appropriately. I had noticeable improvement in my injury following my treatment with her. Would definitely return in the future.”
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