Photo of Physiotherapist Wendy Lam.

Wendy Lam

BScPT (Hons), Dip. Acu, IMTC (USA)

Integrative Manual Therapist

Craniosacral Therapist


Wendy Lam has a grounding as a licensed conventional physiotherapist. She has extended her practice to focus on solving the root cause of a problem, treating not only the basic symptoms but also understanding how each patient functions as a whole.

This integrated approach combines traditional physiotherapy with complementary alternative therapies to restore balance to the physical, emotional and spiritual being. The end result is to treat the person holistically, as a unique individual, rather than a sum of its parts.

Wendy draws on her training in Hong Kong and the United States, expanding on physiotherapy techniques for joint function, soft tissue release and musculoskeletal manipulation through training in acupuncture, Integrative Manual Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. 

Her gentle therapy helps to release deep-tissue tension and swelling, including breaking down internal and external scar tissue. Manual treatment can help to alleviate pain, drain fluid and improve restricted movement. This expansive approach to wellness also targets the lymphatic system, brain and nervous system, circulatory system and the internal tensions or fascial restrictions around the organs.

The symptoms and dysfunctions of pain and illnesses may manifest themselves due to apparently unrelated issues on another site of the body. Wendy will target symptoms of localized tension or pain but will also assess and treat any related body structures that are contributing to the dysfunction. It is essential to understand the series of chain reactions or compensations occurring throughout the body, particularly in stubborn or recurrent cases. 

Wendy draws on almost two decades of experience in multidisciplinary clinics to design integrated solutions to an extremely wide range of conditions, often resolving issues that have not seen results from conventional treatment.

The treatment protocol to restore balance will differ by individual, whether resolving acute or chronic pain, sports injuries, motor disabilities, or developmental and learning disorders in children. Wendy can also provide dietary and lifestyle advice to help improve metabolism and the body’s natural function.

This multidisciplinary approach caters to all categories of client, from infants to the elderly, professional athletes through to injured “weekend warriors.” Wendy’s natural healing methods are safe for all ages, as well as pregnant and post-natal women.

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